Everyday Pieces are a Must…

Many people (including ourselves) have had those days when they are getting dressed and feel that nothing they put on looks right. Those days when you are rushing in the morning and you can’t seem to put on anything you like even though your closet probably has 100 viable options…

We love jewelry, but on hectic days like this, the last thing we are trying to think about is how to make the jewelry match the outfit.

When in doubt and you don’t feel like you can find the right piece to go with the outfit - cue minimal, dainty, everyday jewelry. These pieces are the easiest option to throw on because they can go with every outfit under the sun. Even your go-to T-shirt and ripped jeans can get an instant upgrade to a sleek and trendy look by adding a shiny gold pendant or dainty bracelets for layering. And don’t forget how everyday pieces can seamlessly transition from day to night..

*Below find examples of some of our favorite CL dainty jewelry. Click the names/photos to visit individual product pages*

A lot of our everyday pieces are crafted from Gold Vermeil (be sure to read "Materials" listed on individual product pages prior to purchase). 
For those unsure what this means, Gold Vermeil is that happy medium between gold-plated and real gold. To be precise, our Gold Vermeil jewelry is 14k gold coating over Sterling Silver.

It is more affordable than real gold, yet still durable. Although we never recommend wearing any jewelry in the shower/pool, or getting substances of any kind on your jewelry, the nice thing about Gold Vermeil is that it can really hold its luster. 

Gold Vermeil Mother of Pearl Necklace & Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Necklace
 Gold Vermeil Triangular Studs with Dangling Triangle
Gold Vermeil Star Studs with Turquoise Bead
Delicate & Dainty Gold Vermeil Charm Bracelet
Gold Vermeil Three Dangling Stars Necklace
Gold Vermeil Three Hearts Dangling Necklace