Fantastic Plastic


Plastics are materials that can be heated and fashioned into different shapes/designs, making it very versatile to work with. There are a variety of different types of plastic jewelry that are fashionable, fabulous, and collectible.

Celluloid is one of the materials that we are seeing pop up in some of our favorite jewelry pieces this season.

This material could be made to look like coral, tortoise, ivory, wood, or horn, and it is often seen in pastel colors. It is a fantastic choice when you are looking for that lightweight, everyday piece. It is also perfect for experimenting with trends and channeling a vintage/retro look.

Take a peek below at some of our favorite celluloid baubles from our upcoming spring collection (and click on the pictures, which will direct you to the product pages).


*Styling Tip: Tie your hair back into a low bun to show them off. Style the coral or blue version of this earring with a floral dress for the perfect daytime ensemble. Also, you can do a more casual look with these earrings by pairing them with light-washed denim or dark-washed denim from head to toe.


*Styling Tip: Keep your hair in a loose bun and pair with an all-black ensemble so the earrings can really stand out. 


*Styling Tip: Make yours the primary focus by pairing with white jeans, a neutral colored blouse, sandals, and your hair swept back.


*Styling Tip: Keep these oversized earrings in focus by pulling your hair back in a low bun. Style with ivory or a leopard print (i.e. leopard shorts, leopard shoes, or leopards jeans). 


*Styling Tip: Show off this oversized pair with swept-back hair and style both earring colors with either black, white, or grey jeans and a simple tee.  



*Styling Tip: Let this piece effortlessly elevate your daytime style by pairing with denim jeans or shorts and a multitude of different colored tops that draw from the colors in the earrings (for example: blue, grey, ivory).