Ward off Bad Karma & Bring Good Luck with These Pieces of Camila Lauren Jewelry...


Being that we are of Lebanese background, we wanted to kick off our second blog by discussing the myth of the Evil Eye & Hamsa Hand. You will most likely always find one or the other in our jewelry collection as they are two of our favorite jewelry accents.

The Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand date back to ancient Middle Eastern times. Evil Eye amulets have long been thought to repel bad karma or evil juju. Whereas the Hamsa Hand talismans are believed to bring its owner good luck, happiness, health, and good fortune. And whether or not you're superstitious, it's a fair assessment to say that these two will definitely ward off bad fashion! We have grown up seeing them on home décor accents, keychains, and it is no surprise that as adults we are noticing them more and more on jewelry. They're very on-trend right now: Look no further than any fashionista girl's social media and it is almost guaranteed that you'll see a stellar piece of jewelry with the iconic blue and white eyeball or a winning piece with that distinct hand.

Side Note: We prefer wearing them layered with other similar styles. See below some of our current Camila Lauren faves/suggestions on ways to pair them (and click the names to visit product pages)! 


Blue Opal Like Evil Eye Circle Necklace & Gold Vermeil Hamsa Hand with Turquoise Eye Necklace


Evil Eye Necklace & Hamsa Hand Opal Like Necklace in Gold Vermeil

Evil Eye Opal Like Circle Necklace & Evil Eye Gold Vermeil Necklae


Crescent Moon Opal-Like Necklace & Circle Opal Like Evil Eye Necklace